Today’s post comes from guest blogger and friend to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants, Aliza Gevirtz, who wrote in response to “On Mended Knee.” Read, laugh, and share with abandon!


Billie, You are absolutely right: they ARE brilliant — both with words and with body parts.  And, as a friend of the affected, I echo your highest praise for the folks at the Kennedy Center, as well.

Considering your potentially longer-term relationship with your living room’s twin bed, I believe there could be thousands of additional entertaining words written by you on this topic!  If so, might I, via doctor-of-friend-internet-osmosis, vie, most humbly, for brilliance as well, by suggesting titles for future posts?

On Engendered Knee (the prequel)

On Injured Knee (a gimp saga)

On Tendered Knee (how the op was paid for, Jarhead version)

On Rendered Knee (how it all turned out in the end, directed by Kevin Costner, the other KC)

On Slendered Knee (an expose on the 16 lost pounds)

On Upended Knee (how, without your cane, you almost fell flat on your face, the thriller)

On Lended Knee (about the poor sap who donated his mechanical one to you, a drama)

On Pended Knee (a documentary on the left one that’s waiting to be done)

On Vendored Knee (paying homage to Dr. McLaughlin, while flipping the bird to Dr. Aloof and Condescending, an infomercial)

On Recommended Knee (future KC patient brochure), and finally,

On Suspended Knee (the spellbinding tale of your audience’s writhing anticipation to hear of your return to Braemar Arena with all your ’80s glory.)

Take them or leave them. But know that I wish you a speedy recovery and healing with every giggle you get and give.



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